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How to Start a Bin Cleaning Service

The trash bin is one of the dirtiest items in the world. One must be prepared to face the worst while cleaning these bins. When you start a bin cleaning service the prime requirement is the transportation. A pickup truck or a customized vehicle is required to clean the bins. The vehicle is supposed to spray water and also store the wastewater in a separate compartment. Care must be taken not to spill any of the wastewater or the garbage. The vehicle must have proper accessories to hold and lift the bin canisters.

Equipment you will need when you start a bin cleaning service

The next important thing when you start a bin cleaning service is once the trash is emptied is to have a proper cleaning kit. Though the vehicle can be made to accommodate most of the cleaning functions, it is still a lot cheaper and better to have a set of tools to do the job manually.

A brush is needed to remove the grease and dirt present in the trash bins. A trash bin can have any type of rubbish. So it is better to use different types of brushes to clean both sticky and damp dirt. Make sure that the brush can be extended and is capable of cleaning the corners.

Once the trash bin is brushed, clean it or soak it with some disinfectant. Use a common disinfectant that is generally used in toilets etc. They are cheaper and easier to use. After this, the bin is rinsed with water by spraying on it. Use a proper spraying tool for spraying water from some water hose.

Apply deodorizing agents to the trash bin to remove the smell. It also adds a favourable smell to the trashcan. Choose a cheap and strong agent for this.

After this, make sure that you line them in a position for drying them under the sun. Use some rubber brushes to remove the water and then dry it completely using some cleaning towels. It is better to use paper towels for cleaning and drying the bins.

Always wear gloves. It is definitely unhygienic and unsafe to involve in when you start a bin cleaning service without gloves or proper safety measures. Wear boots and gloves at all times. There are many types of gloves. Use rubber or plastic gloves for a smaller budget. However, thick gloves can resist wear and tear.

Also, don’t forget that facemask for some of the unpleasant bins that you might have to clean! The smells you will come across will be awful!

And carry a first aid kit with some antiseptic cream or liquid if you pick up any cuts or grazes that you might pick up along the way.

Trash bins are for storing both residential and commercial trash. They get accumulated fast and are prone to get dirty. The current need for cleanliness and hygiene has caused the bin cleaning service to flourish. This particular service requires appropriate recognition from environmental agencies and other waste management organizations.

Trash bins in the locality need to be identified and then cleaned. Sometimes in commercial complexes there are a large amount of trash bins and hence the job for servicing and maintenance is more. To start a bin cleaning service includes brushing the dirt off the bin, disinfecting using a proper disinfectant, deodorising for removing the stench, lining and labelling the trash bins.

Marketing your business when you start a bin cleaning service

In the area where I live, every now and then there is a leaflet that comes through my door advertising a bin cleaning service and I personally use this service during the summer months. On the leaflet it tells you how much the bin cleaning service will be and on what day their service is available in your area. It is normally the day after the bin has been emptied.

The big trash bin is kept outside for most households and in the heat can sometimes let off a stench which isn’t pleasant, it attracts flies, flies lay their eggs on any of the trash they can see and before long the household trash bin might have maggots. Not very nice! Well this is where you come in, to rescue that trash bin with your bin cleaning service. You will find a lot of customers grateful for a service like yours!