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How to Start a Construction Cleaning Business

The construction cleaning business is one of the most hectic and well paid job within the construction business. The job is to clean out the dirt after the construction of a building and to prepare it for the public. Construction jobs cause a lot of dust and dirt which includes wooden particles, saw-dust, nails, cement, sand, carpet pieces, metal scraps, broken tiles, paint cans, unwanted wires and a large amount of brick dusts.

The construction companies generally employ a third party for cleaning out the building once the construction is over. The construction cleaning business is of two types. One job is to clean the interior of the building and to prepare it for the residents. The other one is for cleaning the exterior where large amount of clay, sand, cement, steel rods, wooden pieces, glasses and other waste are left behind.

Construction Cleaning Business Tools and Duties

  1. The tools depend on the type of job and the location of the job. The bobcat is a very useful piece of equipment to quickly clean the rubble present outside. The waste left behind by the construction company cannot be cleaned manually. However, they can be cleaned with extra help, but it is often time consuming. So it is better to rent a bobcat to finish off the outside job as early as you can. Once you are done moving the unwanted waste, you can then begin cleaning up the area. Use proper cleaning tools like broom sticks, trashcans etc for efficiently removing the debris and other leftovers.
  2. Scrapping tools can be helpful while trying to remove the spilt cement materials and paint particles. Make sure that the concrete is clean and is not damaged by your implements.
  3. Always carry a huge container for stowing the trash. This comes in handy, as the trash will have to be removed every now and then.
  4. For the interiors, any proper cleaning kit will do. Make sure that you have a vacuum cleaner to start with. The interiors of the building are generally empty and it is easier to clean those using vacuum cleaners, as they aren’t time consuming. It is safer to clean the rooms with broomsticks and mops before implementing this in case you are running on a tight budget.
  5. Use a dusting brush for clearing out the dust in case the vacuum cleaner is not effective. Carry one all the time, as power fluctuations are common in new buildings.
  6. Carry a cleaning towel for cleaning the windows and glasses after dampening them. Use some normal window washing liquid for cleaning them. Also carry a separate towel for cleaning the brick and sawdust from the tiles, stones and windowpanes.
  7. Carpet pieces and wooden filings can be present in every nook and corner. So carry a tool to pull these out without causing much strain.
  8. Finally never forget to carry lots of waste paper bags for dumping in the dirt and dust. The trashcans may not be accessible and these help a lot while moving from one apartment to another. They can be emptied once you are done cleaning the entire building.

Marketing yourself for the construction cleaning business

Find a good name for your construction cleaning business, one that is easily remembered and not too long. You will also need a license, bonding and insurance to get started in your construction cleaning business. Best place to find out this information is at your local city offices because each state or country has their own rules on this information.

To advertise yourself in this business you should have a logo designed, make up a leaflet and send it to all the construction companies stating what your services will entail (Or even better once you have done this, go to one of their construction sites and introduce yourself, give it the personal touch). And then maybe do a discount price for a certain period of time to begin with to get your construction cleaning business started. The discount price will be for the first job you do for the construction company as an introductory offer.

Then when you are established and have got yourself a good name in the business through word of mouth from the companies you do business with you will be able to charge the price you think your services are worth. It is also more professional for you and your company if you all where matching uniforms, overalls or maybe all wear matching T-shirts with your company logo on them.