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How to Start a Drain Cleaning Business

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have a drain cleaning business? Are you not intimidated by a clogged drain or scared of getting your hands dirty? If this sounds like you, then this type of business may be your calling. It will help if you have some drain unblocking and cleaning experience.

Customers will require your services for clogged or slow drains, stopped up garbage disposals, toilets and bath tubs that won’t drain, just to name a few.

You will need tools of the trade. A long sewer snake will come in handy. A drain video camera can show you where the clog or break is in your plumbing. It also can show the material the pipe is made of. You won’t have to even dig anything up because the drain video camera takes care of the location for you. There are several types of locating devices.

You might want to invest in a jetting system that has high pressure and uses water. This system blasts water that breaks up grease and clogs in your pipes. This technology has made professional drain cleaning and unblocking affordable for homeowners and business owners. Using a drain snake auger will cut away obstructions in a customers drain.

You will want to decide what kind of fees you will charge for your drain cleaning business. You don’t want to charge too high, but you don’t want to charge too low and not make a profit. Check with local drain unblocking and cleaning professionals and see what they are charging for their services. You can charge accordingly and compare your drain cleaning business to theirs.

Vehicles for your business should be purchased. You might start out with a good used, dependable vehicle that has lots of storage room. It is always good to have a vehicle that can hold all of your tools and equipment. Estimates for vehicle insurance need to be reviewed closely so as to get the best policy. This will save your company money.

Customers and their homes should be treated with the utmost respect. Being professional in all of your communications with customers will give your business a good name. Your employees will need to wear uniforms that will convey who they are.

You will want to start off small. Buying accounting software will help you keep up with all of your finances, your debits, and your credits. It can be expensive hiring an accountant for your business so buying accounting software and doing it on your own will save a considerable amount of money. You will also need to keep track of all your customers’ information and a refurbished computer can help you do just that.

Holding a short course for your employees on safety will benefit your drain cleaning business. They need to know all the ways to stay safe on the job.

This type of business will be a big help to an enormous amount of people who cringe every time their toilet or drains become clogged.