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How to Start a Window Washing Business

Getting started in the window washing business can be a profitable venture filled with different locations and a variety of different people on a daily basis. It is also one form of business that has the luxury of being run from home. So, if you ever thought about setting up your own window washing business, then read on because we’ll elaborate on a couple of essential skills needed to not only to get your business started, but keep it going.

Thinking about some of the initial equipment you’ll want to get your hands on to get your window washing business off the ground, we’re looking at squeegees, buckets, chemicals (non-abrasive most probably) and of course the odd telescopic pole at either 3 meters or 6 meters. With these couple of items in hand, you could hit the streets tomorrow with your window washing business and probably come home a couple of dollars richer.

But a couple of dollars a day is not what a business is about, is it? A business, whether it’s a window washing business or a car dealership relies on a daily income that, over a period of time – say a month, has the capacity to keep itself going as well as paying those who put the time and effort into it. That being said, what do you suppose is one of the most crucial parts of setting up a new window washing business? It is a 'Business Plan'.

Like most business owners you will want to know where you are financially and what you have to look forward to. This is where your business plan comes in, especially during the first months of operation, by detailing the various projected incomes and expenditures of your window washing business. These will include, as mentioned above, all your equipment, but will also focus on those areas of your window washing business that actually supplies information to the public about your services and, of course, salaries. However, estimating your income will be a bit more challenging.

Income, or the projection thereof, can be determined by a few factors. First among these is of course to establish a target area within a certain radius from where you will be conducting your window washing business… your home. This can be easily done with a local map and establishing what your travel budget will allow.

Do keep in mind that you’ll also have to consider median prices for your area. Charging big city prices in a poor area or a small town might be asking a bit too much, except if you are certain that there is little or no immediate competition of a window washing business around. So, if you think you’ll be able to service five clients per day for five (maybe six) days a week within your target area, then that will be the projected income for your window washing business.

But on more serious stuff, doing all the planning and calculations will simply prove to be a waste of time if there isn’t any money coming in for your window washing business. Wouldn’t you agree? That’s why the next area to be graced by our attentions is marketing.

Simply put, marketing is telling people about your window washing business, that you are good at it and why they will pay you the price you ask. Now in terms of a window washing business, you’ll have to accept that a clean window is a clean window, which means that you can’t really claim to be better at the job than someone else, except if they still leave the window smudged and dirty after the job has been done. It is therefore important to focus on those nuances that will make you more attractive to potential employers. Think in terms of time (because time is equal to money), think in terms of originality and incentives.

Along with your window washing business plan, you should have a window washing business marketing campaign – a detailed list of things to do – and when to do them – to promote your window washing business in a way that will ensure that people remember you and always come back. Make a couple of lists: what are the most commonly used marketing strategies for a window washing business? Where can I be original and ensure that I become a well-known name in my community? Believe it or not, even your relationships with people, be it acquaintances, friends, loved ones, etc., can have a significant impact on your business. This is due to one of the most effective marketing strategies of all: word of mouth.

That being said, there remains only one thing left to say: now is the time to start your window washing business. It’s a job that offers diversity in the sense that it can be applied to homes as well as businesses and is something almost everyone needs. So, do you have that pen and piece of paper? Get started on your window washing business plan tonight!