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How to Start an Ironing Business

A lot of people are not averse to doing their own laundry but when it comes to ironing their clothes, they end up procrastinating because it can be a rather tedious chore to perform. With so many clothes to iron in a single household, you can certainly turn this to your advantage and provide a reliable ironing business to assist people with this boring task. Starting your own ironing business will prove to be very beneficial to you in the long run, and your customers will appreciate you for it. Here are some helpful hints that will help you get started on your new ironing business.

Starting an ironing business will not cost you an arm and leg. A budget of $200 to $300 is more than enough to get all that you need in order to kick-start this project. Equipment for your ironing business that you need to invest in includes a good brand name steam iron. You may consider getting a cordless iron so that your job can be done quickly and without the hassle that comes with a long cord.

To make your ironing business more appealing, don’t forget to buy a wide ironing board as well as ample starch for your clients’ apparel. You may also want to provide personalized bags complete with your ironing business logo, the clients’ name and address to send clothes you have ironed for them. And finally, if you are charging by weight, do invest in trustworthy weighing equipment.

You will also be glad to know that you will enjoy flexible working hours with your new ironing business. You can either work at ironing clothes from 9 to 5, or you can opt to divide your day whereby you will spend the first half collecting your clients’ clothes or running errands for them. The rest of the day will be dedicated to ironing and packing.

Advertising and promotion are vital elements in your new ironing business; therefore you should set part of your startup fund for this purpose. Always remember that what sets you apart from other ironing business establishments near your area is your friendliness and personalized service.

Promoting your ironing business is easy once you know the ropes. You can print brochures on A5-sized paper. Whether you choose to print in black-and-white format or in full color depends on your budget. Whatever your choice is, do ensure that your message is clearly written. You can opt to hire a good copywriter to churn out short but impact copy to attract potential clients and drive them to your ironing business.

For those who are Internet-savvy, do make use of your know-how by setting up a website to promote your ironing business and attract potential customers. You can give out special memberships and let your website members enjoy discounts once they sign up with your ironing business. And if you wish to let your rates do the talking, why not? While your prices are competitive, there is no reason to sell yourself short. Once you have a steady supply of customers, word of mouth about your blossoming ironing business is more than enough to get your profits rolling in.

It will be tough at first but once you have set your mind and are determined to make your new ironing business a success, the routine of your ironing business will be second nature to you. Iron while you sit down or if you prefer, you may ease your tired feet by standing on a large, stable cushion. Invest in a carpet if you want to do neither, as you can kneel occasionally on the plush carpet without hurting your knees. Always keep a damp sponge or small rag within reach. This is to assist you in eradicating dry creases. All you need to do is gently blot or rub on the dry crease and the fabric will be evenly dampened without getting too wet.

Your iron will sometimes tend to stick to soft silky fabrics. If this happens too often, that delicate piece of fabric might be destroyed in the ironing process. Save yourself from the agony of being berated by your customer and rub the bottom of the iron with a rag that has been sprinkled with baby talcum powder. And lastly, once you are done with the ironing and are ready to pack your clients’ clothes, do roll up several plastic bags and fold the clothes on the spongy surface to avoid unwanted creases.

To further expand your ironing business, you can hire more assistants and get more equipment to open a laundry service to accompany your ironing business. If you don’t already provide a laundry service, you can offer a delivery and collection service and charge a small fee for it. Another great way to earn money once you expand your ironing business is by making use of your skills to mend clothes. And once you have adequate experience and expertise, why not sit down and pen a comprehensive book on ironing tips? People who are looking for a great home-based business are sure to find your book helpful!